1927 - A game (surprisingly.)

Please press both fullscreen buttons for the web

Please also give me some feedback!


AD to move

Mouse to aim

Right-click to draw gun

Left click to fire.

Originally created as a LD37 submission but I ran out of time.

Have fun!

More information

Published192 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
AuthorSir Magic
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Shooter

Install instructions

For the browser, the game should just automatically play. If it does not, make sure nothing is blocking it and remember that there is still a download. (which is recommended.)

For the download:

You will get a .zip file. Unzip it or click "Extract All" after double clicking the .exe to unzip it.

Double click the .exe once everything is unzipped - the game should run.


1927 - 64bit (17 MB)
1927 - x86 (15 MB)


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The game mechanics where great aswell as the art and design, the music and SFX could have been better. It also should have been set in 1917.

Regarding your philisophical question at the end, I think it's fine to kill evil.


Thanks Pingu!

Regarding your response to the philisophical question at the end, doesn't it make you evil if you kill evil ? (or anyone really)


Well if you look at it like that then wouldn't the allieds in the second world war be considered evil?


Maybe we're all a little bit evil...


If you're interested, I made an alternative cover art design.

I'm interested...


(Edited 2 times)

Here you go, I made it quickly in paint.net. You mentioned you liked the hats so I stuck it in there. It's probably the wrong size but oh well.

Haha, I love it. The red's a bit bright though so I might have to change it slightly for it to be the cover art

Oops, sorry I have the contrast turned down on my monitor.

Oh right ok